Old Coach Trail

Hey everyone! 

Yesterday we found ourself taking a mini detour on the Old Coach Trail, just outside of Radium, BC.

The scenery is breathtaking! And of course we were all estatic to see some mountain goats. Mick could hardly contain himself.

I’ve been busy with school and preparing for our big move! We are excepted to move the end of April. 

I’m very excited for so many reason but also for more natural light. More natural light means better photos for this blog. I am planning on doing some big things once we get settled in, and taking MOTM up a notch! 

So look forward to more posts with better quality photos about many things pertaining to living a fab life 🙂 

❤ Megan 

We bought a house! 

I am beyond excited! 
We put an offer on a place last Saturday, and so far so good. 

We have the inspection on Thursday. Unless anything major comes about it, this house will be ours. 

Hanging out on Main 

While in Vancouver (we are back home now) we stayed off of Main in a really cute apartment. 

We grabbed breakfast at Slickity Jim’s, a really great diner in the neighbourhood. It was recommended by Dave’s mom (thanks Sandy!). 

This is on the front of the diner. So Vancouver 

After that we went and did some thrift shopping. There are more than a few of those stores around Main. 


 I didn’t pick anything for myself but Dave got a very cool plaid (of course, if anyone knows Dave) shirt. Like a cowboy shirt. 

I hope you enjoyed this little post about our first morning in Vancouver!

More to come.

❤ Megan 


Hey everyone, Dave and I took the last flight out of Mountain-town and landed in Vancouver last night.   

 I’m reading a book about the emergence of comfortable interiors in 18th century Paris. It’s so interesting and inspiring. 

It’s great that we can live relatively remote while still having a technically international airport. My only complaint is that all the planes that fly out of our airport seem to be propeller planes, so noisy.   
 Here I am with my grumpy face after realizing we are sitting right by the propeller.

We are here for a wedding and for my biannual rheumatologist appointment. 

I’ve had a cold since Wednesday, Dave’s cold mind you, he couldn’t help but share it with me 😭.

We went for breakfast and looked around at shops  where we are saying. We have our friends wedding tonight so I am going to have a nap now.

I’m feeling pretty sick and out of it, like I’m in a dream world, hopefully a nap helps out! 

❤ Megan 

Recent Eats 

So starting just after New Years I made the conscious decision to eat less meat. Since starting I haven’t ate any. None at all. 

I wouldn’t say it’s been difficult really. I prepare most of the dinners Dave and I eat, and it’s given me a chance to try new things out.  

Our go to lazy day meal is always pizza, so I’ve started making my own pizza crust and putting toppings that we already have in our fridge/pantry. Pizza dough is way easier to make than I imagined. I’ve been using the top Google search for it and it’s been delicious everytime.   

I’ve also been making a lot of meals with rice. I really love jasmine rice. I’ll eat it on its own for every meal given the choice. I’ve been making a lot of bean dishes with it. Here is a coconut curry white bean and corn dish I made. 

Last night I followed a vegetarian pho recipe to make some broth. I didn’t bookmark the site and cannot find it now, but it was really good.  I added some Yves meatless meatballs, which we’ve been eating a lot of. Dave and I really like their consistency.


I really like cooking and preparing meals because it is a time I can focus on something.  I also like trying new ingredients and trying new things. I’m really bad about following recipes or writing things down, so every time I cook, it’s always different. Luckily it’s usually good too! 

Well I need to pack now for a quick trip Dave and I are making this evening! 

❤ Megan 

Got the Humira hangover 

As a matter of fact, I did wake up like this.

One of the greatest joys (sarcasm) of taking a biologic drug is the fact that one may experience side effects. Now, not everyone who takes them gets them, and they certainly do vary a lot from person to person, each injection. 

I took my Humira injection yesterday and feel like I was hit by the snooze cruiser today. Big time. There’s a saying among Humira takers for this phenomenon and it’s called the Humira Hangover.
And it feels just like a bad Shiraz and whisky bender day after. Sometimes it really isn’t as bad, but this time I feel like I was partying pretty hard last night, maybe even doing keg stands. 

I had to get up early today to write a test, came home and had an incredibly long and day consuming nap. I thought it would help my head becoming clearer but I’m just as fuzzy headed as when I curled up in bed. 
And yes, I am blonde again. I was really ho-hum about the colour I went last time, it turned really drab. So I said eff it and went a very cheery blonde colour. 
Well I’m off to sleepily do some school work and come up with something for dinner. 

Have a great Monday evening 

❤ Megan