Super Kootenay Sunday 

Today we had a very East Kootenay Sunday! 

We went for a short hike in the Kimberely Nature Park. It’s such a beautiful place to walk, hike or bike. And it’s only a few blocks away from our home. 

The dogs love being off leash in the forest. So many smells, they both love running along the trails. 

Micky loves to drink from creeks. I mean, look at how clear that water is. It must be so refreshing. 

There wasn’t that much of a mountain view on the trails we went through, just a little peek a boo. But it’s all gorgeous. 

After we went and checked out Over Time Beer Works. They are a brewery that opened up a few months ago in town. I love their Copper Top Red Wheat Ale. So good. 

After we went to The Shed and had some nachos and their loaded baked potato. So good!!! 

I love where we live. So greatful we made the choice to move here! 

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