It’s been a long time since I posted anything, so here I am saying hello! 

We have really been enjoying our new house and our new town. We’ve (almost) finished setting up our new place and we and the dogs have really settled in. 

I actually started working again, at a really fun restaurant in town. So far so good! I’m enjoying it so much. It’s a rather “active” position (instead of sitting at a desk) and I haven’t had a lot of joint pain. Really nothing that compromises my work or has made me miss sleep. 

Our small urban garden is all set up and things are growing (always a good sign). We have an apple and a chestnut tree in our yard so we will have both of hose to harvest later on as well. 

Our new town is really great, super walkable and we always run into new friends when we are out and about. There’s quite an established arts community here so there’s always great live music and theatre. 


I’m still debating what direction I want this blog to go forward as. I keep getting asked if I am going to update it soon (and more often).

I’m definitely in a good routine now where I hope that will be the case, and many things have happened that I think I have some good posts coming. 
Thank you to everyone who’s been sticking around in between posts! 

I promise we’ll talk soon than later! 
❤ Megan 

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