Welcome Mandy! 

Yes I realize I’ve been MIA for awhile here, please excuse my absence! 

We are getting ready to move into our new house in Kimberely, BC, finishing up the semester, dealing with my weird and painful symptoms and welcoming a new dog into our family. 

We adopted Mandy from a local a wonderful person/business here in the Kootenays. Karla from The Playpen had rescued little Mandy from a shelter in Idaho where she was for over a year. I can’t imagine why she was passed up for so long. She is a very sweet dog, who had a rough time. 

Mandy was very shy and weary when she first came home, but everyday she is warming up to us more, and showing us her personality. 

After adopting Mandy, I will definitely adopt all of my future dog pals. Adopting a dog feels so wonderful. We love Mandy so much. 

2 thoughts on “Welcome Mandy! 

  1. I had so much fun seeing you last Friday at Jerrod’s Bday party, although I do wish we could have visited with each other a bit more. We just picked up our babe today, she is just shy of 8 weeks old. We are busy with introductions and Jamaica seems happy to have a companion, although the cats are looking at us like we brought a big turd into the house, haha. I suppose sleep will not be visiting us this night.


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