Old Coach Trail

Hey everyone! 

Yesterday we found ourself taking a mini detour on the Old Coach Trail, just outside of Radium, BC.

The scenery is breathtaking! And of course we were all estatic to see some mountain goats. Mick could hardly contain himself.

I’ve been busy with school and preparing for our big move! We are excepted to move the end of April. 

I’m very excited for so many reason but also for more natural light. More natural light means better photos for this blog. I am planning on doing some big things once we get settled in, and taking MOTM up a notch! 

So look forward to more posts with better quality photos about many things pertaining to living a fab life 🙂 

❤ Megan 

2 thoughts on “Old Coach Trail

  1. I am so happy to learn that the inspection went well and you will be in Kimberley soon! Kimberley is awesome – so much to do, everything in walking distance. Thank you for the picture of the mountain goats – what magnificent, beautiful creatures!


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