Hanging out on Main 

While in Vancouver (we are back home now) we stayed off of Main in a really cute apartment. 

We grabbed breakfast at Slickity Jim’s, a really great diner in the neighbourhood. It was recommended by Dave’s mom (thanks Sandy!). 

This is on the front of the diner. So Vancouver 

After that we went and did some thrift shopping. There are more than a few of those stores around Main. 


 I didn’t pick anything for myself but Dave got a very cool plaid (of course, if anyone knows Dave) shirt. Like a cowboy shirt. 

I hope you enjoyed this little post about our first morning in Vancouver!

More to come.

❤ Megan 

2 thoughts on “Hanging out on Main 

  1. “That blue and orange dress is FABULOUS”
    *said in my best Fran Drescher voice**
    Thrift shopping can be so fun. I love it.


  2. I love Vancouver thrift store shopping! From funky and classy clothes to amazing finds in books – every town shines at their thrift stores, but Vancouver stores are always unique. Glad to hear you had a safe and fun trip, and are back home in the Rockies!


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