Hey everyone, Dave and I took the last flight out of Mountain-town and landed in Vancouver last night.   

 I’m reading a book about the emergence of comfortable interiors in 18th century Paris. It’s so interesting and inspiring. 

It’s great that we can live relatively remote while still having a technically international airport. My only complaint is that all the planes that fly out of our airport seem to be propeller planes, so noisy.   
 Here I am with my grumpy face after realizing we are sitting right by the propeller.

We are here for a wedding and for my biannual rheumatologist appointment. 

I’ve had a cold since Wednesday, Dave’s cold mind you, he couldn’t help but share it with me 😭.

We went for breakfast and looked around at shops  where we are saying. We have our friends wedding tonight so I am going to have a nap now.

I’m feeling pretty sick and out of it, like I’m in a dream world, hopefully a nap helps out! 

❤ Megan 

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