Recent Eats 

So starting just after New Years I made the conscious decision to eat less meat. Since starting I haven’t ate any. None at all. 

I wouldn’t say it’s been difficult really. I prepare most of the dinners Dave and I eat, and it’s given me a chance to try new things out.  

Our go to lazy day meal is always pizza, so I’ve started making my own pizza crust and putting toppings that we already have in our fridge/pantry. Pizza dough is way easier to make than I imagined. I’ve been using the top Google search for it and it’s been delicious everytime.   

I’ve also been making a lot of meals with rice. I really love jasmine rice. I’ll eat it on its own for every meal given the choice. I’ve been making a lot of bean dishes with it. Here is a coconut curry white bean and corn dish I made. 

Last night I followed a vegetarian pho recipe to make some broth. I didn’t bookmark the site and cannot find it now, but it was really good.  I added some Yves meatless meatballs, which we’ve been eating a lot of. Dave and I really like their consistency.


I really like cooking and preparing meals because it is a time I can focus on something.  I also like trying new ingredients and trying new things. I’m really bad about following recipes or writing things down, so every time I cook, it’s always different. Luckily it’s usually good too! 

Well I need to pack now for a quick trip Dave and I are making this evening! 

❤ Megan 

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