Got the Humira hangover 

As a matter of fact, I did wake up like this.

One of the greatest joys (sarcasm) of taking a biologic drug is the fact that one may experience side effects. Now, not everyone who takes them gets them, and they certainly do vary a lot from person to person, each injection. 

I took my Humira injection yesterday and feel like I was hit by the snooze cruiser today. Big time. There’s a saying among Humira takers for this phenomenon and it’s called the Humira Hangover.
And it feels just like a bad Shiraz and whisky bender day after. Sometimes it really isn’t as bad, but this time I feel like I was partying pretty hard last night, maybe even doing keg stands. 

I had to get up early today to write a test, came home and had an incredibly long and day consuming nap. I thought it would help my head becoming clearer but I’m just as fuzzy headed as when I curled up in bed. 
And yes, I am blonde again. I was really ho-hum about the colour I went last time, it turned really drab. So I said eff it and went a very cheery blonde colour. 
Well I’m off to sleepily do some school work and come up with something for dinner. 

Have a great Monday evening 

❤ Megan 

4 thoughts on “Got the Humira hangover 

  1. As usual, you look absolutely beautiful. I am sorry to hear that you are feeling tired and not your best. Glad to hear that you and David were able to visit with the guys in Kimberley – they told me they had a great time and that they really enjoyed Micky too. Sending you lots of love and hugs – feel good soon! Holly

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  2. I remember when I was prescribed one of my meds for epilepsy and the side effect was weight loss. I thought FINALLY something I can work with… instead of weight loss they should have put EXTREME NAUSEA.. because that’s totally different. Being so sick you can’t fathom eating a single bite is not “weight loss” although I can see how it would cause weight loss. I wanted the “eat cupcakes and still lose weight” kind of weight loss. I was terribly disappointed.
    I hope you feel better soon.

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