Lentil and carrot soup 

I’m sure anyone who has any type of autoimmune disease has heard about the benefits of eating ‘anti-inflammatory’ foods. We are constantly told what we should be and should not be eating. 

To be honest, I don’t follow any particular diet. I’ve tried to before, but I need to find some joy in what I eat. Sorry but I love potatoes and tomatoes too much to ever give them up! 

But as it just so happens, I do love a lot of foods that are said to have beneficial properties, especially spices. 

I made some lentil and carrot soup last night. I didn’t follow a recipe but here’s what I roughly did. 

Boiled some lentils until they were soft, drained the water, added more water and some chicken broth. Then I chopped up some carrots and added them in. In a small pan I sautéed some onions and garlic in butter then dumped them in the pot. 

The spices are what makes it so good. I added ground ginger, turmeric and yellow curry powder. I have read that all of these are good for my health so I get pretty heavy handed. Oh and then I added some chilli powder. And then a touch of cinnamon which is also really good for yah. And then a bit of brown sugar for a little bit of sweetness. And then some Tapateo hot sauce just for shits and giggles. 

It’s a really good soup that eats like a meal. I find lentils to be a lot easier on my tum than beans are, and don’t have the same unpleasant side affects. 

They’re also pretty cheap! 

Do you follow a specific diet to help with your illness? Have you found it to be very helpful? 

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