Getting rid of shit by 2016 

Some action shots of Micky and Jake during or Christmas visit.

Do you ever have the urge to go through all your stuff and get rid of a lot of it? 

It happens to me about 4 times a year. I think it has to do with anxiety. More stuff equals more stuff to clean, put away, think about, possibly break, clean up. I’m particularly clumsy so this is a valid worry. 

2015 was a big year for decluttering, we saw how big Marie Kondo’s The Art Of Tidying Up was. While I don’t care if my socks ever get to breath, I do appreciate a lot of her views about stuff.

As someone with chronic illness, I feel that it helps me out a lot too. Stuff that has no place in the home and no real use (I count art as being useful if I like it. If not, give it away so it may be appreciated/useful to someone else) can add a lot more time. Time to take care of it, and manage it takes away from time doing other stuff. A lot of the time for the chronically ill, that time is spent on dealing with our health. 

For instance, having too many clothes. Yes it means I can get away without doing laundry for longer, but when I have to get to it, I have more than a days worth of loads  to do. And by the time that happens, I’m down to the clothes that don’t even fit properly.  This can also be said for dishes. Why we have more than a dozen coffee mugs is beyond me… Especially without a dishwasher. 

It can be especially hard to get rid of stuff that reminds me of when I wasn’t sick. 

I’m still holding on to more than a few pairs of heels that I can no longer wear. When my back started to get bad, I could no longer wear any type of heel more than a regular sneaker of loafer. And then on the flip side of that, any shoes that are too flat. No more black pumps, cute wedges, converse and flip flops. 

It’s hard when it’s not just stuff but also part of a life I once had.

But I will get rid of them. By 2016 they will be gone. The time is coming and a new year is a wonderful excuse for getting rid of shit. Also once they are gone, it’s a lot easier to move on. Still seeing these really cute sandles from the summer before my back went out is kind of a bummer. 

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