Hello from the other side 

 Just a casual update   
 Currently studying for finals in bed, wondering where this semester went.

It went by rather quickly, and I’m glad it’s almost over. To be honest it’s been a total mess and I’m more than looking forward to starting a new one. Fresh starts are also wonderful. 

Dave and I have started looking for a new home as well, which is so exciting. We’ve seen a few so far that have really peeked our interest. Sadly there have been offers made on both, offers that aren’t ours. The good news is that it is a buyers market here so more will pop up.  

I’m looking forward to living above ground again, and hopefully with no one above us. It’s been about 6 years since I didn’t have upstairs neighbors!

Now for a pain/illness update! 

I’ve definitely been experiencing more pain again. I’m sure it’s triggered by the amount of sitting I’ve been doing while studying. I also thought it would be a good idea to stop taking NSAIDs and tylenol. That was a big NOPE. As of now I’m assuming daily doses are here to stay indefinitely. 

The night time pain is creeping in again, that wonderful lower back pain joined by hips, knees and ankles.

Do you ever find yourself in more pain than you *think* you are? As in you’re mentally blocking it out by ignoring it but your body is responding to it? Catching myself more and more doing this. I’ll notice I’m clenching my jaw or fists and holding my breath. I wonder if it’s just a response to always being in pain. 
Living with pain doesn’t make you stronger, but I think it makes you react to it differently. 

3 thoughts on “Hello from the other side 

  1. I’m definitely the same when it comes to clenching my jaw and fists! It’s something I have to be really aware of now, otherwise my jaw aches as well as the rest of me haha x

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  2. I woke up with such bad pain in my hip I can hardly walk, but here I am at work, pretending I’m fine. I figure if I can just sit all day I’ll make it through my work day. Sometimes we are so determined to do normal things it causes us to make terrible decisions.
    PS- you are beautiful!! 🙂

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