Mary’s Creek 

I think it’s safe to say that winter is here! Even though we are supposed to be in for some rain, I don’t think the snow will be gone for too long.

Last weekend we headed up to Kimberely. We first stopped and walked the path along Mary’s Creek in Marysville. We have never done it before and were quite surprised at how large the waterfall is. 

The walk isn’t far at all, not even a kilometre, but the weather made for slippery conditions. I really didn’t want to fall on my butt! I don’t think I would ever recuperate from such a fall.

Next we walked around Kimberely. There are so many local shops and restaurants there. I love the community feel! We may even consider moving up there, but nothing is set in stone as of yet. 
Have a wonderful evening.


2 thoughts on “Mary’s Creek 

  1. It’s beautiful there for sure! I have no snow here. I don’t think I could find some if you paid me too… Don’t tell anyone but I’m kind of not digging our warm winter 😦


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