Halloween fun! 

I made a really simple/super cheap costume that would work with my coat. Warmth is number one! 

Last  night, from 730 til about 930, Dave and I went to a local Halloween celebration. It was so much fun, there were a lot of activities and a lot to take in. 

The best parts were seeing everyone’s costumes and the haunted house. I was shrieking and giggling the whole way through. I tried to make Dave go before me, and after me, basically hiding from all the haunted/seriously spooky props and actors.  Then at the end, people came out revving chainsaws, I don’t think I’ve ran that fast in a very long time! My phone fell out of my pocket during this and luckily the actors broke role to help me find it. 

For a lot of us with autoimmune illness, the changing season can cause major flares and our symptoms to go full force. It especially sucks because there are so many fall and winter events that are so much fun. 

I’ve became better at enjoying the moment while experiencing symptoms and pain. It’s not always easy to put on a smiling face, as I’m sure many of you know, but I still do it.

I don’t do it to appease and make others feel comfortable, I do it because I have a better understanding that pain and physical limitation does not always equal unhappiness. I do it because I am actually happy and enjoying myself. 

If I was never happy when I was in pain, well then I’d never be happy! As I’ve lived with my illnesses for a while now, I have learned not to equate to two so much to each other. 

I hope everyone is having a fun and safe Halloween! 

– Megan 

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