A totally unrelated picture of Dave on a swing.

Well today I went to the doctors. It was a doctor I’ve never seen before, which makes me totally anxious. 

I have a fear that new doctors will think everything’s in my head and will send me on my way with a pat on the head. This fear is founded because I’ve had shit like that happen to me before.

This doctor was super nice and looked like someone’s equally super nice dad. He gave me a refill of my thyroid medication so I don’t turn completely into a sloth.

I missed both classes today because of TERRIBLE CRAMPS and other symptoms brought on by menstrual stuff. 

I slept for a while and then had trouble waking up. This happens often, where I cannot will myself awake. 

The more I sleep, the more it happens. 

I am currently living in a pile of laundry and am still in sleep mode. 

Oh and I took my Humira shot which is ALWAYS FUN. 

This has been an extremely exciting day. 

2 thoughts on “Today…. 

  1. Hubby’s t-shirt under his hoodie, tights with knitted leg warmers, thick socks and hair in a bun….. yup that’s how I spend those days..
    PS- it’s ok to have days like that every now and then.. Even not sick people have those days only they have no excuse for them .. HA

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