One of those days 

So I did end up finding my meds today, hurray to that. And they were in a place I could see myself putting them. 

The day was going pretty great until I got a text from Dave asking me about purchases on our shared account. I absolutely didn’t purchase anything from the company he was asking about, and certainly not approximently 200 dollars worth. 

He called the credit card company and there are TONS of purchases that neither of us made on it. 

There was one company that I have purchased from recently, that had newer charges I did not agree to. So I try to log into my account and it says there is no account under my email address. 


So someone has changed my accounts email address and has gone on a spending spree with my credit card. SOUNDS LIKE FUN. 

What BS. And this is a big company that I have recently purchased from (check my previous posts, it’s very recently mentioned). So not cool. 

I will never sign up for their shit again. And now I’m cancelling all other subscription based purchases. 

After this fiasco I had to go get some blood work done. It’s kind of sad that has been a good point of this day. I went yesterday and forgot my care card at home so I had to go back and wait all over again. Which is not a big deal because it was my fault. 

So then I walk home and realize my keys are in my jacket. This would not have been an issue if I didn’t send my jacket home with Dave. Thankfully he wasn’t in a scheduled meeting yet and raced home to give me his. 

At least it’s sunny and warm outside. 

One thought on “One of those days 

  1. We just went through the same credit card issues. I don’t know how someone gets our credit card number but they do. The second there is any charge is shows up on my phone. At show I caught one fraudulent charge immediately. So annoying.

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