Today’s look -19/09/2015

New backpack by Fabletics 

The last instalment of my week long (minus one day…) fashion series! Showcasing what I wear on the regular, with a tad more thought put into it 🙂 

So I forgot to skip my month for Fabletics and I was charged the credit. My mistake, I really wasn’t looking to buy anything. 

But then I saw this really simple, black backpack and thought how great it would look on my back!

The front pouch is detachable and a cross body strap came with it, so it’s a very versatile bag, which I love. It’s meant for the gym but I think it’s great for everyday use and the fitness wear trend that is going on right now. 

I wouldn’t carry a whole lot in it because the straps are not that sturdy, but I think my very lightweight lap top would fit in just nicely. 

This is one of my favourite sweaters because of the large plaid pattern. It kind of looks like I’m wearing a tie, doesn’t it? 

Well it’s almost time for bed, going to try to get a really good hike in tomorrow. I am yearning a good workout. 


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