Today’s look – 17/09/2015

Sheer ivory polka-dot shirt dress under dark beige cardigan and under distressed boot cut jeans. Bright orange scarf with a floral motif. Docs from yesterday. Worn with a faux fur lined brown vest. 

Inspiration: the cooling weather, the 70s, fallen leaves .

I only had about 2 minutes to take these pics today. My hubs is my reluctant photographer and we were also on our way home. Ah well! 

I wanted to wear a bunch of different layers today because the weather has been all over the map lately. One moment it’s too cold without a jacket, the next I’m sweating like I just ran a race (I know this because I in fact did run a race once). 

I really like this polka-dot piece I have. I bought it on sale while I was in Montreal this summer. I wore it a lot over white shorts and a tee. I think it brings a little bit o’ whimsy. It works well with all the brown colours I wore with it. 

This is probably my favourite scarf, I think it really pops with everything. 

My jeans are Guess and I found them at a local thrift shop and then took the scissors to them. I really like the frayed bottoms, they look very relaxed and are super comfy. 

Now that I think of it, this outfit reminds me of Raggedy Ann. You remember those creepy dolls? One time in childhood I heard a spooky story about them and now I feel like if one is in the room it’s following me with its black, beady little eyes. 

Well that’s all for now, folks. Until tomorrow! 

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