Today’s look – 16/09/2015

Black jeans, top and blazer. Black scarf and blue leopard scarf I received as hand-me-downs from my best bud. Brown cross body purse from Italy (a gift). Leopard print docs I’ve been so anxious to wear. Zenni optical glasses. 

Inspiration – 60s rock and roll, a little bit of punk, seeing fur stoles everywhere on the fw 2015 runways. 

Here’s today’s look for my week of daily fashion! I’ve been inspired by NYFW! 

These pictures are not the best, I waited too long today and it got darker out a lot earlier than I thought it would. Which is silly of me because I walk my dog every night at this time. 

I love love love my boots that I got online for a major discount a few months ago. I’ve been yearning for fall weather so that I can wear them. I could’ve worn them earlier but I thought of them as “back to school” shoes. 

I really like putting a bit extra into an outfit to make it look fun and a little “edgier”. I wouldn’t say this is a particularly edgy look for some, but it is for walking your dog at night in a mountain town of 25k. 

I also love a little rock and roll. I think the fur and boots does this. The faux fur is from my husbands winter coat. He took it off as soon as he purchased it and has never worn it. It’s been wasting space other than the few times my dog tried to steal it. 

I think how it looks pinned to this blazer, and I am already thinking of some other ways to fashion it. I think it would look cute hanging from a purse. 

Well I hope you enjoyed my crafty fashion ways today, until next time!

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