Today’s look – 15/09/2015

Light grey terry cloth sweatshirt, dark grey cotton tank, black cotton blend drawstring slacks. Finished with Doc Marten patterned brogues and zebra print socks. Glasses from Zenni optical. 

Inspiration: monochromatic, minimalistic looks. Casual Scandinavia street style. My own laziness. 

Today’s ootd for my week of all fashion posts! Inspired but all the wonderful images from NYFW. 

I had a different outfit planned for today, but I woke up late and a little sore. Not that it would not have been comfortable (comfort is number 1 with everything I wear), but this is supreme comfort without going all the way of wearing a pajama onsie. 

I love monochromatic looks. I feel like they can make very casual pieces look a lot more pulled together.  It’s a trend that is very wearable and affordable. I chose blacks and greys because I own a lot of black and grey. For the most part I don’t like my clothes to take center stage. 

I did however intentionally choose patterned socks and shoes. The socks add a sense of playfulness and the shoes a sense of structure.  The glasses draw attention to my face, and add some colour to my very minimal makeup look. Bright glasses can help mask tired eyes. 

That’s a lot to say about such a simple outfit, but even simple outfits can make a statement. And even a comfortable outfit at that. 

2 thoughts on “Today’s look – 15/09/2015

    1. I love them! I have a few pairs too! I’m pretty clumsy so it’s nice that I don’t have to pay 200 dollars to replace them every time I break a pair


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