Today’s Look – 14/09/2015


Black bodysuit with boyfriend jeans, leather jacket and embellished loafers. Topped with a red plaid scarf. 

Inspirations: models off duty, 90s

As I mentioned yesterday, I will be posting a new look everyday this week in celebration of NYFW, back to school and the change of season!
Today’s look is a black body suit with high waisted boy friend jeans. Ok so I’m not really wearing a body suit. I don’t think I will ever again (I did rock a cool plaid one back in 93ish). It’s just a black clingy tank top tucked in. It gives the same silhouette without the “crotch awkwardness”. 

I kind of don’t like to admit it, but this look was definitely influenced by Kendall Jenners casual style. I like how she usually plays it simple and works with classic pieces. She does 90s cool really well. 

This outfit is super comfy and I feel great in it. I’ve had these loafers for over a year and barely wear them. I forget how comfortable they are! They also give the outfit a little more pep rather than going with other flats, such as a runner or converse. 

I did my hair in a messy low bun and am wearing rimmel Kate lasting finish lipstick in 105. It’s a nice matte rosy nude. 

2 thoughts on “Today’s Look – 14/09/2015

  1. this look is so cool!! 😀 I love the shoes! check out my insta to see what i’m doing this nyfw ❤
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

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