Au Pied De Cochon restaurant in Montreal

While in Montreal, Dave and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary with dinner at Au Pied De Cochon. We heard about this restaurant from one of Anthony Bourdain’s many shows and were excited to try it. Yes, we are those people. We’ve tried a lot of places off of Diners Drive-inns and Dives and You Gotta It Here. What can I say, we love TV and food, and the possibility of melding the two together is too hard for us to resist, and to try one that was featured on an Anthony Bourdain show, well that’s something we could not miss.

When we got there for our 7:30 reservation, our table wasn’t quite ready, so we were escorted to the bar. We each had a drink there and the very friendly wait staff behind the bar told us all of the specials. We were not there for very long and the host seated us at our table.

We were greeted almost immediately by another member of the wait staff who offered us water (flat or sparkling).

Another person came by to take our order, and this server was, what I would say our main server. If that makes sense. Everyone seemed to work so well as a team, and  we were never left with an empty glass of wine or plate in front of us for very long. It was nice to see everyone pitching in. From the people bringing us our lovely plates of deliciousness to the manager coming to clear our tables.

As someone who had worked many years in a restaurant, I can really admire their collective effort and superb detail to services. Oh and everyone felt *real*, like they weren’t putting on a show, you know?

And now for the food.

apdc1_635756159276486258_Afterlight_Edit apdc2_635756160783509151_Afterlight_Edit apdc3_635756161726412829_Afterlight_Edit apdc4_635756165131004285_Afterlight_Edit apdc5_635756166017005499_Afterlight_Edit apdc6_635756166993781631_Afterlight_Edit

We started with the Cod Fritters, Duck Carpaccio, Foie Gras with Berries (MY FAVE! The tartness of the berries with the savory creaminess of the foie gras are a perfect match in my opinion).

For main course we had Duck in Mushrooms (Marget aux champignons, it was so tender), and Dave battled the PDC cut of pork (La Coupe PDC, he was very happy as you can see). For our sides we had poutine (of course) and the most amazing mashed potatoes. They are filled with cheese curds and amazingness.

We also had the maple Crème Brulee. The flavour had that distinct maple deep sweetness without being too over powering. I didn’t snap a pic because I devoured that thing a little too quickly.

We very much enjoyed our dinner, and we are still happy with our choice to celebrate our anniversary with Au Pied De Cochon.

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