Walking through Old Montreal and area

Old Montreal 1_635749986606719086_Afterlight_Edit Old Monteal 2_635749988155211783_Afterlight_Edit Old Montreal 3_635749991187916947_Afterlight_Edit Old Montreal 4_635749994634025689_Afterlight_Edit Old Montreal 5_635749996901909712_Afterlight_Edit

We spent an afternoon in Montreal walking around the Old town. It is really beautiful. Cobble streets and old buildings, very reminiscent of Europe. It was quite warm that day and we were really looking forward to sitting to on a patio and having a drink, but it was nearly impossible to find somewhere that would allow Micky to sit with us. We finally did and had the brightest PURPLE sangria I’ve ever seen (or drank). Then we sauntered around and sat down at by Notre Dame de Grace. What a beautiful church.

Old Montreal is very beautiful and a definite must see if you go to Montreal. However it is very touristy and therefore expensive compared to many other areas of Montreal.  I am glad we went to walk down the streets and see it, but we had a lot more fun hanging around Mont Royal/ Plateau!

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