Mount Royal hike in Montreal

mount royal_635745468011934888_Afterlight_Edit mount royal1_635745469734806763_Afterlight_Edit mount royal2_635745469065760949_Afterlight_Edit mount royal mick_635745466683963360_Afterlight_Edit mount royal meg n mc_635745473480373077_Afterlight_Edit

Yesterday we hiked up Mount Royal to check out the view. There were a lot more stairs then I was hoping for, but I made it up and then down.

It was a nice walk to do and luckily the weather was nice, not too hot. When we got up to the top, we sat for a bit and bought some waters, we didn’t bring enough with us.

It’s a great vantage point to see all of downtown and other parts of Montreal. Apparently there is another way up that does not include so many stairs.  It’s longer but may be a better option for some of us.

FYI Micky was sitting on the ledge where it is not high down, he was only up there for the time it took to snap the pic.

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