A nod to marine wear & dressing to be invisible while sick

stripe shirt 1_635732503717771750_Afterlight_Edit striped shirt 2_635732506249032052_Afterlight_Edit stripe shirt 3_635732505090704369_Afterlight_Edit stripe shirt 4_635732507787470290_Afterlight_Edit

Lipstick – Lasting Finish by Kate Moss Rimmel London 10, Sunglasses – Zenni Optical

So I haven’t been feeling that great lately. Actually that’s a lie, I’ve been feeling like total crap. My pain has been at least a 6 all the time, and then going higher during the evening and night. The last thing I’ve wanted to do is get dressed, do my hair and be present in the world.

Today I made a little more effort, I took off the yoga pants, brushed my hair and slapped on some lipstick. It’s amazing how even a teeny bit of  trying can boost my mood. Taking care of my appearance, no matter how minimal, makes me feel like I’m still a part of the world out there, even if I’m spending most of these days inside my home.

I think, for me, there is a bit of power in feeling more visible. When I do not want to be “seen” I wear whatever, mainly a tee, black work out pants or sweats. I wear my hair in a bun and zero makeup. There is nothing wrong with dressing this way, but when I do, I do it to blend into the environment, I want to be invisible. This is a very safe place to be especially when my pain and exhaustion are high.

I definitely use this as a coping method, and it does offer comfort, but I try not to let it become such a habit I’m wearing the same thing for over a week. It does take effort that first time I change into something else, but bam (!) my mood is instantly lifted. I am reminded instantly that self care is so important, and to do what is best for you at the moment. Sometimes putting on some lipstick makes me feel so much better.

2 thoughts on “A nod to marine wear & dressing to be invisible while sick

  1. Right there with you! Many days I get all cleaned up to go no further than the front door. But appear as if I’m ready to go somewhere and it makes a difference sometimes.


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