Bachelorette Trip To Canmore, AB

So since Friday I have been on a bachelorette trip to Canmore, AB, which is in the Rocky Mountains. It’s for my friend Ayla, who is getting married September Long Weekend, and I am one of her bridesmaids.I’m so excited, especially after seeing her and everyone else this weekend.


Last night we went out for dinner and drinks at a place here called Hogs Head. It was seriously delicious!


We all wore black except the bride, she wore white, such a cute idea.

photo 1 - Copy

Here’s me with another one of the bridesmaids, Jenn.

Sorry about the crappy iPhone photos, I brought my camera but haven’t used it!

I’ve been feeling okay despite all the festivities. Todays been a bit harder for me, but I’ve been extra diligent taking my meds. We haven’t done anything too wild or extraneous and tonight we are staying in and having a bbq.

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