Forest Evening

tree_635719916772014210_Afterlight_Edit  dave_635719913589532969_Afterlight_Edit



Tonight we went for a 6km hike in the forest. It was great because we haven’t been out there in what feels like a very long time! It’s a wonderful way to enjoy a evening together, we all love being out there, especially Micky. I’m going on a trip on Friday and Dave is busy tomorrow night so we won’t be able to spend any quality time together for awhile, and his birthday is on Friday!, poor guy will be all alone. Well, he will have Mick!

I need to finish a school assignment tomorrow, and pack and get ready for just over a week away. I’m planning on getting some school work done, we will see how that goes. My back has been bothering me lately so we will see how much I get done. I have a feeling the time I have to do work I will be spending sleeping or just resting.

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