Easy Summer Style – comfortable maxi skirt look




When you have chronic pain AND a budget, fashion  can be tricky. This is one of the reasons why I love simple staples like white tees. I’ve had this dress (I am wearing it as a skirt) in my closet for 4 years now. It’s great because it doesn’t wrinkle, can be worn many ways and is not constricting. Sometimes tight clothing can cause a lot of pain! 

I wanted to add a fun bit of colour so I opted for this light weight sports bra from Fablectics. It’s very lightweight and doesn’t cause tension around the shoulders. And yes, I’m rocking the croc ballet flats which I live in during the summer months. They are the only shoes I have found so far that don’t cause me any lower back pain. This is my third pair in three years! 

It’s so easy for me to just put on some sweat pants or something similar and call it a day. I find dressing up, even a little bit, can really help with my mood. It makes me feel better about myself, even if I’m feeling like crap. When comfort is key, I do have to be a little more creative, but I think that’s a fun part of style. 

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