Our Little Container Garden: Part Three

 Everything is coming up in our little garden! Well other than the cilantro and the chives, sadly. We are going to try them again indoors.        

Look peppers are sprouting already! First time taking care of a pepper plants so I would say it’s a success. 

Other than the chives and cilantro, I think all the plants are pretty happy in our backyard. They get quite a lot of early sunshine, and then shade around 5pm on ward. I think they like that like the fact that it gives them a break from the heat. It doesn’t really cool down here until about 10:00 pm. 

4 thoughts on “Our Little Container Garden: Part Three

  1. What is it with cilantro? I’ve tried growing it in many different ways – from seed, as a seedling, in the sun, in a pot, in the garden…It just never works! I’m no gardner though, so that might be why. 🙂 Lovely post, amazing what can be achieved with just a few pots!


    1. It’s such a shame because we eat so much of the stuff in our house! I’m hoping that I can find a sunny window inside that it will approve of!
      Thank you! I’m pretty amazed so far at this little garden. Even if it doesn’t produce a lot of food this year,miss so rewarding to grow some of your own.


  2. I know, right? About the only thing we’ve had much success with is Italian parsley…which we normally wouldn’t use that much, but end up putting in everything just because we have it. BTW – don’t want to spam your site – but you might like my post on flowerpot gardens in Tokyo. They’re not edible, but still lovely and maybe something of an inspiration http://wp.me/p1A1oE-5x. All the best!


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