Heat Wave 


It’s been about plus 30 for the last two days here. Pretty hot for early June. Luckily, it’s a dry heat here and we get to hang out at some near by lakes. One of my favourite things to do in the whole world is to hang by the beach. It’s relaxing, cheap and low key. Can’t go wrong with those three things with me. 

I find the dry heat is pretty easy on my joints, as long as I drink lots of water (and wear sunscreen) I’m pretty good. We did play catch for a while yesterday and I hurt my shoulder a bit, probably a sign I could do more strength training. 

I hear it’s usually quite hot and dry here in the summer so I have a lot of outdoor activities planned. Camping, hiking, some boating, possibly fishing, and swimming when the water gets a little warmer.

If you have arthritis or a similar illness, do you find you do better in certain climates/weather? Do you try to take advantage of it? I would love to hear from you! 

One thought on “Heat Wave 

  1. I love the heat and feel much better! The winter’s in Ottawa are brutal on my joints and symptoms:(
    Enjoy the lovely weather😊

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