Humira Day, a love/hate story.

Content Advisory: I show the needle and syringe of my humira. I do not show the actual injection.
It’s that time again! Time for me to inject myself with the drug is is supposed to keep the joints in my entire spine from fusing together. It’s Humira Day! 

Since I am neutral, at best, towards this medicine I am prescribed (I really don’t know how well it’s working for me, and the “hangover” it gives me for the few days afterward is a big nuisance), I thought I’d be facetious about it. 

   Things needed are an ice pack (I use one from the cold carrier they sent me), alcohol swab and the wonderful syringe itself. 

  A close up on the actual biologic medicine. Isn’t it beautiful!? 
Getting ready by freezing the tummy fat I will inject this insanely expensive liquid into! 
  Just looking at this pic I can already feel that amazing Humira burn. 
  Okay I am ready to inject. Got my fat all pinched! 

A job well done. 


Into the biohazard bucket it goes! Weeeeeeeee!!! Until next time! 
Wasn’t that fun and exciting?! Do you take a biologic for your condition? Do you find it works well for you, did you have to try more than one? I’m interested to hear your experiences. 

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