Our little container garden: Part Two 

 Sorry about the wait on posts, we had a pretty last minute road trip on Friday and now I can’t find my iPad camera adapter thing. I took a lot of beautiful pictures of our mini trip to Nelson BC that I hope I can share with you soon. For now, here is my post on building our fence/cage. Not to keep our plants in, but to keep animals our. Mainly the deer around here.  

I started by putting the posts into the ground, stomping soil around them.
Then I tried to unravel and put the fence around. This did not end well, I needed back up. 

Mick did not offer to help either, so I had to wait for Dave. 

So much fun was had! 

Plastic ties are so handy. 

Our little garden is now secure in its new home! 

I still need to replant the tomatoes and peppers we purchased, but so far so good. 

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