Our little container garden: Part One

 Finally started our container garden for is year! The supplies have been sitting in our sunroom for a while now.
    I started out by drilling some holes into the bottom of the pots with our trusty Ikea drill. It did the trick. 
  We went to our local, totally awesome gardening (and so much more) centre. They recommended this soil for containers. 

  All of our seeds were from there too. I think most if not all are certified organic. I didn’t plant the Kale, I’m thinking we can plant it inside later. 
 I made a point to measure out seed placing this year instead of just throwing a bunch in the soil. Also, if in need of gardening tools, don’t fear, utensils work well enough for small gardens! 
 Here goes the magic beans! 

I did have some help today. Well not so much help as supervision. 

Now we need to build a small fenced in area to keep animals out of it. I hope we aren’t too late in the season to get some stuff out of it. It would be so nice to enjoy some of our vegetables and herbs, even if we don’t produce a lot this year. 

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