Kailua Beach Park 


Dave and I got back this afternoon after a long journey home. We took off from Honolulu 9pm Hawaii time, and finally got home at 230pm mountain time. So that’s about 13 hours, which is a long time when you have, like me, a disease that makes your back/hips/legs ache the longer you sit. I can never really rest while on a flight, it’s extra exhausting because I constantly have to move around. I love travelling but when I’m in the middle of a flight, I kind of wonder why I put myself through it! 

We had such a lazy evening, which was needed. I just uploaded some pics from our first day on Oahu. We got up super early and headed to the east side. Our first stop was Kailua Beach Park. We got there around 7 am, the beach was empty, and so beautiful! Probably one of the most spectacular beaches (and places in general) I’ve had the privilege to visit. 

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